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Sunday, June 28, 2020

June 28, 2020

What will motorcycles look like in the future, here are the top 10 insane concept motorcycles

Concept motorcycles we'll see in the future. Interesting designs and peculiar creations.

#10 BMW K75 Alpha Landspeeder Concept

Designed by Mehmet Doruk Erdem of Istanbul turkey
Created by Mark Atkinson of Utah

The BMW K75 alpha Landspeeder is nothing if not futuristic. Using the body of a great white shark as its inspiration curtain symbolically made the front have a clean, smooth surface to match the face of the great white while making the rear more open exposed and brutal to represent the driving force of the shark's tail. Now the bike is unique as it has a smaller leather seating compartment that forces the driver to nearly lie on their stomach to drive it. Interestingly enough, it is powered not by its own custom engine but by a salvaged BMW K75 engine. This means that the engine is a water-cooled 750 CC inline 3 cylinder that lies on its side, powering the rear wheel through a driveshaft.

For it to not just look fast, but be fast Atkinson added a turbocharger for a power boost. Now what's interesting about this bike is if it hadn't been for the power of Instagram, it would have never been created. You see, heard impose did the design online in 2015 and wasn't exactly planning for it to be built. After all, he told reporters that he has had creators to reach out to him before to make his designs yet not end up doing any of the work. 

However, this time around things went differently after trying to reach item multiple times, Mark Atkinson finally got a response when he translated his proposal to Turkish and sent it through an Instagram DM. While this may seem unbelievable, it just goes to show that the power of the internet can help in the creation of brilliant bikes.

 #9 The Ferrari V4 superbike concept


While Ferrari may be best known for its beautiful sports cars, it turns out that their engineers have a knack for designing motorcycles as well. Created by designer Amir Glinik, the v4 has a sleek red frame and an engine modeled after the v12 engine in the Ferrari Enzo supercar, which unsurprisingly has been chopped down to four cylinders and modified to drive a motorcycle. 

Even more, impressively, the v4 superbike features hand controls adapted from an f-16 fighter jet and internal controls inspired by Ferrari's formula one race cars giving it a really unique flair. 

All and all, we just hope this goes from concept piece to real bike in the near future.

 #8 The Non-Object nUCLEUS

Hands-down this is easily the weirdest motorcycle on this list created by designer Branco Lukic for company non-object; it has been dubbed a square against the air due to it literally being a large box. 

Now the idea is that this bike will squat down one park and rise up to reveal its wheels when ready to ride, and according to the company, they would make it a zero-emission zero impact speed machine.

However, there are some major inherent flaws in the design. The most obvious would be that sharp turns would be virtually impossible, and that's not even considering that the ability to safely change lanes and see your surroundings is almost entirely impaired by its box-like figure. 

Regardless we highly doubt that this bike will enter the mainstream anytime soon.


#7 The Massow Night Shadow Concept - Jaguar

Although the Jaguar on the frame of this motorcycle looks nearly identical to the logo used by British car manufacturer jaguar, it turns out the two are not at all related. Created by immature motorcycle engineer Barend Massow Hemmes over the span of a decade, this was incredibly the first bike he ever built.

Completed in 2009, it was made entirely out of parts purchased on eBay. Its frame is made of fiberglass, and various other parts of the bike are made from both steel and chrome rather than sporting traditional headlights it has blue led lights in the eyes and a headlamp in its mouth in order to closely match the look of the jaguar frame while keeping it street legal. However, it is more of a cruiser than a racer as it can only reach speeds of about 80 km/h despite using a large 1,200cc Sportster based V-twin engine. Regardless we just hope that a major motorcycle manufacturer picks up the design and makes this bike available on the market.

#6 The Alien

Taking inspiration from the motorcycles driven by the aliens in the hit film franchise aliens dan bailey conceptualized this incredible motorcycle in 2008.

Sporting most of the same specs found in the existing Kawasaki ninja, the bike has a sleek frame, hollowed out wheels, and an all-black exterior. On our end, we just hope Kawasaki gets wind of this idea and gets to manufacturing it sooner rather than later. 

#5 The Honda Riding Assist-e

While most bikes on this list require complete control by a driver, this motorcycle takes its capabilities to a whole new level; that's because after honda spent years performing humanoid robotics research, it created an assistive mechanism that automatically balances itself making it impossible for it to tip over while driving. 

This is meant to be of assistance during ultra low-speed situations that require the writer's attention to balance, such as during traffic jams or while starting and stopping. Powered by an electric engine, it was, in fact, built is an offset of Yoona cub, a company that is working on a self-balancing unicycle concept. Yet what's even more exciting about the motorcycle is that to an extent, it has the ability to self-drive. However, this capability has not again been fully recognized by honda; in promotional videos, the motorcycle does, in fact, drive itself while no rider is sitting atop of it. 

Likely made with similar technology to that of a self-driving car, the honda riding assist-e is one of the world's first motorcycles to showcase this ability. However, if you'd like one for yourself, don't expect it to be available anytime soon; that's because despite promoting it rather slowly, Honda has yet to announce plans to mass-produce the vehicle.

However, it is apparently part of honda's 2030 vision of enjoying the freedom of mobility and a carbon-free society. So the hope is that it will be sitting in a bike shop near you sometime this decade.

#4 The Honda CB750 concept

The Honda CB750 is genuinely revolutionary; that's because this bike has a 5-inch OLED multi-touch display positioned right on the fuel tank, which acts as an all-purpose computer. This computer has three menu options GPS, drive mode, and diagnostics mode, all of which can help the driver depending on the circumstance. 

Its safety features are also top of the line as it features an electronically controlled abs brake, airbag, traction control, and steering damper, in fact, the bike is so safe that it even utilizes radar technology to sense upcoming in on collisions and automatically slows down and lowers the seat of the bike so that you don't fly out of it. 

Regarding readouts of the fuel tank mileage or any other relevant stat, the bike sensors update these every 1/10 of the second and above all if for whatever reason you are not a fan of one or some of these features almost every feature can be electronically tuned or turned off to suit your preferences. 

Now the bike is not just a cool piece technically but also quite powerful that's because it boasts a 750 cc four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine with a six-speed dual-clutch transmission with this transmission featuring an electronic lurch and traction control. Reportedly it is also meant to be eco friendly and would likely not give off much in terms of emissions. 

So, all in all, we wouldn't be surprised if Honda chooses to mass-produce this design sometime in the future. 

#3 The Neutron 

If you are a fan of the Tron films, then the neutron, which is modeled after the Tron light-cycle, is the perfect bike for you. Created custom to order by parker brothers choppers in Melbourne, Florida, this motorcycle is nothing if not futuristic. Its sleek body is made of fiberglass, its frame out of Chromoly and aluminum, and it sports 24 by 12-inch hubless wheels that don't appear to turn while being driven. 

In order to not be just sleek but also near-silent, the motorcycle uses an electric engine, and despite its unique design, it can reach speeds of up to 100 miles per hour. However, the one downfall of the bike is that its range is only about 60 to 80 miles per charge and so it isn't exactly the type of vehicle you'd want to take out on a joyride on the freeway. 

Unsurprisingly the bikes are extremely labor-intensive as it takes about one week of dedicated work to create just one. As a result, the price tag for one comes in anywhere from $50,000 to $75,000. Interestingly if you were to acquire the $75,000 platinum edition over the $55,000 standard edition, the company promises that they could make the bike battery lasts for more than 100 miles on a single charge despite having a more durable motor. 

Yet despite the high returns for the 2020 fiscal year, the shop has almost completely stopped making the bike. In fact, a quick look at their website reveals that they are planning to make just one more of their mid-range models in the neutron this year. So if this is the bike of your dreams, act fast, or you may never get your hands on this sweet ride.

#2 The BMW Autonomous R 1200 GS 

Unsurprisingly Honda isn't the only motorcycle manufacturer that is experimenting with self-drive technology. In 2018 BMW unveiled a concept bike known as the autonomous R1200 GS. What's interesting about this bike is that every single part was created with a 3D printer right down to the bikes rear swinging arm and carbon frame. It further differentiates itself by not using the gyroscopic right assistance technologies used by honda but rather taking advantage of braking, shifting, and steering technologies that are as put by BMW North America vice president Michael Payton, all things related to what a rider would use as inputs. As a result, BMW has expressly stated that although the motorcycle certainly can drive on its own, the purpose of self-driving technology is to assist a driver that is not completely aware of their surroundings rather than to replace the driver. With this intention, meaning that the bike has features such as the ability to initiate the emergency brake, negotiate turns and curves while at intersections and to turn off safely all on its own. 

This bike really is quite advanced and when you further consider that motorcycles are a lot more dangerous than cars which are supported by airbags, abs brakes and other safety measures it's clear that this technology really is long overdue. However with that in mind, there is still some opposition to this self-driving technology, one of the primary arguments against it is that although it may be meant to simply support drivers, there is the very real possibility that the driver could begin to over depending on it and instead begin to rely on the technology, this can be very dangerous because unless the motorcycle is tested and cleared to be completely safe when self-driving death or severe injury could easily be the consequence of even a simple malfunction. Furthermore, due to there being a race between manufacturers to develop this technology, it is a very real possibility that this incentive to be the first to have a mass-produced self-driving motorcycle will result in an unfinished unsafe product. Yet regardless of what side you're on, I was pretty confident that the self-driving motorcycle will become an industry-standard in the near future. 


#1 The Suzuki Falcorustyco    

Although the Suzuki Falco Rustico really is a blast from the past, it certainly is one heck of a concept motorcycle. First unveiled at the 1985 Tokyo motor show, the bike was almost like a predecessor of the neutron, which was the more modern Tron-like vehicle we mentioned earlier. However, what's cool about the Falco Rustico is that its design was completely revolutionary at the time. After all, there wasn't any frame, and the front and rear swing arms were attached directly to a 500 cc four-stroke engine with three cams. 

Furthermore, the steering was composed of a hydraulic hub, the seat was nothing more than a small indentation with no cushion, and the drive wasn't belted chain or even shaft but instead powered by hydraulic pumps that drove power to both the front and rear wheels. However, the single craziest feature of the bike was that the driver was supposed to control it not by steering but rather by using joysticks to maneuver the Falco ruse to go around. 

At the time the bike experienced a lot of positive press with the January 1986 edition of the cycling world, even predicting that quote, you won't have to wait a decade to see it's like on the street end quote. In retrospect, while this quote clearly did not age well, it just goes to show the outlandish designs that were believed to be the future of motorcycle innovation at the time.

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